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Jack Cooper is committed to environmental stewardship through out environmental policies.  We aim to reduce our waste, light and noise pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, while becoming an example for the trucking industry. At Jack Cooper we believe climate change is a real issue and we are dedicated to becoming a carbon neutral company.

Here are a few of our initiatives that we have set in motion.  For a full list, please see our Sustainability Report HERE.

Abstract Water

Water Conservation.  Jack Cooper has made efforts to reduce its water consumption, including by switching to high pressure washing techniques that reduce the amount of water necessary to keep our fleet clean.

Pieces of Shredded Rubber

Waste Reduction.  Jack Cooper's tire policy aims to maximize tread life, thereby reducing the need for new tires.  Additionally, Jack Cooper recycles thousands of tires annually after use.

Germinated Plant

Carbon Emission Reduction.  Jack Cooper has established an idle reduction plan to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.  Further, remote start on new equipment further reduces the need to idle equipment. 

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