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Jack Cooper is dedicated to a sustainable future

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People. Planet. Performance.

We are focusing more on sustainability every day and we have a goal to be a 100% carbon neutral trucking company

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Jack Cooper is looking into options for electric trucks, in order to reduce idle time and our carbon footprint as a whole.

Fostering Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity

Our ESG policies put us ahead of other trucking companies as far as taking care of our employees and caring for the environment

Maintaining Award-Winning Performance Standard

With excellence as a core value, the Company has not waivered its commitment to award-winning, best-in-class service levels.

Writing Documents

Highlights of 2023 Report

Social Strategy

At Jack Cooper, we have formulated a comprehensive strategy to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, engage with the community, and encourage opportunities for growth and development as leaders in the transportation industry

Our Focus on EV Adoption

2023 was our first complete calendar year with our first EV Shuttle Truck at our Arlington, TX terminal. Currently it runs one shift per day and has replaced a 1995 Volvo that averaged around 4.25 MPG.


Our Future

Jack Cooper is the largest unionized trucking company. Our 94 year relationship with GM shows our dedication as a supplier and we continue to strive to be the best Logistics Supplier for automakers.

Priority from the Top

Sustainability take prioritization all the way to the top.



“It's a beautiful planet -- and our responsibility to care for it!”

Sarah Amico, Exec. Chairperson


“I want this Company to be around for my grandchildren.  Sustainability is essential to that being feasible.”

Mike Riggs, CEO

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